Rainer Bürck, keyboards & electronics
Günter Marx, violin & electronics
Martin Bürck, gongs, percussion & electronics

Exuberantly experimental, TRIONYS break the boundaries between experimental rock, jazz and the avant-garde in a restless pursuit of new music. Their dramaturgically conceived work  vector alpha  thrives on the tension between acoustic instruments and breathtaking sonic worlds, between composed and improvised passages. This hour long work was released on CD by the Canadian label  earsay productions. (see http://www.earsay.com  ). This work is followed by their new live electronics work Protuberanzen. TRIONYS also play concerts of free improvisations unplugged on their acoustic instruments piano, violin and percussion. In addition to their concerts they also hold workshops on their technique and aesthetics.

Prof. Kevin Austin from the Concordia University of Montreal writes about the music of TRIONYS:

And ... this year I bought your CDs from John Oliver & Earsay. As you may know, when it comes to electro-acoustic music, I am not an easy person to please – I find 90% of what I hear not worth finishing, and only about 1 piece in 20 worth hearing again,

I buy CDs, listen once and put them in the office CD library. 

However, your CD still sits on my desk. I must have listened to it half a dozen times (very very unusual), each time going back expecting it to be the  last time I would listen; this has not been the case!

This is remarkable music making. I am aware of the amount of time and concentration required to make these pieces work, breath and live, and you and the group have accomplished this amazingly well.

You are all to be congratulated on the excellence of your ideas and realization of them.

Matthias Strassmueller from Bristol writes about the recent concerts of the trio:.

Trionys' mix of acoustic and electronic instruments is a really exciting live-experience. They work with a range of tools, combining MIDI equipment and labtops, pre-composed samples and processed live-sound. I saw Trionys twice, once at the Victoria Rooms, performing a rehearsed composition, and two days later at The Cube, where they played an improvised set. Both gigs were equally engaging, capturing the audience with a convincingly balanced sonic world, and a an astonishing feel for improvised structures.

Rainer Bürck is a freelance pianist and composer. As a pianist, he concentrates on contemporary repertoire and has premiered numerous works from several countries. Since 1995, he has focused on collaborative improvisation projects. Rainer Bürck s recent composition has emphasized electroacoustic music, creating works for tape , and for performers & interactive electronics. His music has been performed and broadcast in Europe, North & South America, and Australia to critical acclaim including recent 1st and 2nd prizes for Flautando (1999) at the Prague Musica Nova Competition and the Hungarian Radio EAR Competition. Rainer Bürck s CD Without Fear is available from www.earsay.com.

Günter Marx was the principal first violinist at the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra for many years and now lives in Munich. He also performs as soloist and was member of several chamber ensembles including the Brahms Quartet Hamburg, the Leonardo Quartet Cologne and Musikfabrik NRW. His interest in electroacoustic music was roused during his studies at the Musikhochschule Köln, where he attended courses with Gottfried Michael Koenig. This led to collaborations with composers Thomas Kessler, Mesias Maiguashca, Wilfried Jentzsch and Rainer Bürck among others, featuring his MIDI violin, and also to own compositions in this field, such as VIOMESPEL for violin and Computer and ELPOEM for mezzo-soprano and tape

Martin Bürck is a musician and visual artist. As a percussionist he has specialized in working with multiple gongs both for solo performance and larger projects. Martin Bürck is constantly exploring the hidden internal sounds of his materials. For a recent theatre project he created a fascinating score from the scrap metal of a factory. Other projects include designing sound nights, concerts inside caves, a radio play, sound installations and interdisciplinary art projects. His sculptural works, objects and paintings have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions.